in the dining room with the candlestick

Things are starting to shape up. i thought it would never happen, but the space is slowly coming together. we did some furniture rearranging (by some i mean we moved everything around until we were satisfied), and the space opened up even more. i'm not completely happy with where the dark brown couch ended up, but it's the best option since we had to arrange everything around the chandelier. you know, form follows function, bla, bla, bla. i'm a huge believer in this principle of modern architecture... and the old couch arrangement did not work anymore.

I really like how the black walls are looking, i'm starting to see now the vintage modern brocade theme going on... still some work to do, but i'm liking what i'm seeing!


the gift of art

Yesterday AG came home from work with a surprise. the magazine he had ordered about 2 weeks ago, came in the mail. he was surprised because it got here so quickly, i was surprised because i had totally forgotten it came with a gift: a limited edition print by david mathews which i loved! it's perfect either for the nude walls in our bedroom or our bathroom, i just haven't decided yet...