bamboo cemetery



My tropical oasis has become a bamboo cemetery! i was so proud of my garden, and i got compliments on it all of the time, and now all my bamboos are dead! i swear AG and me took good care of them, and the gardener thinks they were sick before they were planted here and didn't survive. only one of them is still struggling to make it. but we have plan B, anyway. and plan B consists of painting the dried up bamboos with chocolate spay paint and leave them there, that is, until we have the budget to replace them...

The good news is, the lillies seem to be very comfortable in their new home, because they are constantly blooming and giving me beautiful flowers!


sometime in the near future...

This is our new project for sometime in the near future. can't say how near, but near. i hope.

The story is, about a couple of months ago while visiting AG's aunt, who lives in what used to be his grandparents house, i spied on grandpa's old room, which is kept intact with his old furniture. that's when i saw this gorgeous mid-century, danish modern chair and it was insta-love. it was just sitting there so lonely in that gloomy room gaining dust... and for the rest of the visit, i could not stop talking about what a great piece it was, and trying to convince the aunt to use that incredible chair! she just looked at me skeptically and said that someday it would be mine.

And someday was in the very near future! because it was AG's anniversary gift to me! his aunt told him he could have it because she knew we really appreciated grandpa's chair and that we would take good care of it. and so it is!!! we have big plans for the chair, i already found the perfect fabric to reupholster it with, it's a silk animal print fabric in golden and silvery tones. it's absolutely fabulous and looks great with the color scheme we have going on in the dining room.

The frame will be repainted in an almost black dark brown, and i just have to decide what side of the fabric to use: the realistic looking leopard spots print or the silvery discreet animal print. i bought the fabric swearing i would use the discreet print which i like best, but sometimes i question myself if i should take the risk and use the other side... what do you think???

the left side of the fabric is the realistic looking leopard spots print, the right side is the silvery discreet animal print.