bamboo cemetery



My tropical oasis has become a bamboo cemetery! i was so proud of my garden, and i got compliments on it all of the time, and now all my bamboos are dead! i swear AG and me took good care of them, and the gardener thinks they were sick before they were planted here and didn't survive. only one of them is still struggling to make it. but we have plan B, anyway. and plan B consists of painting the dried up bamboos with chocolate spay paint and leave them there, that is, until we have the budget to replace them...

The good news is, the lillies seem to be very comfortable in their new home, because they are constantly blooming and giving me beautiful flowers!

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becoming-home dijo...

So sad when plants die isn't it?

Our variegated Ivy has this disgusting fungus.. its so sad and gross, I can barely look at it without getting sick!

the antibride dijo...

ariana, yes it's soooo sad when they die! i love plants, i have one i rescued and i get so excited whenever it blooms!

have you tried anything with your ivy? i'm sure there must be something you can do to rescue it!