Yesterday, we finally got around to dressing up one of the bare walls in the living room. i have to admit, even though the living room is pretty much in shape, the space did seem a little uninhabited because of the huge bare white walls staring at us. it was driving AG crazy. me? not so much. but just because i'm afraid of nail holes in the walls. nail holes in my new walls. nevertheless we got to it. we have had in our possession eight (very nice) frames we found at the dollar store, which we bought on sale (on sale at the dollar store, can you believe it???) for months now, so the time came to hang them up.

I think they turned out nicely. we are still missing framed art to put inside the empty frames, but this is a start. the top frame has a postcard of a couple from the 40's, the middle frame is some abstract art and the bottom frame is a still from melies "le voyage dans la lune" (for the movie producer husband). and today i got decor8 holly's package in the mail with some lovely cards, one which will surely be very soon up on the wall. oh, yes. and there is a framed light bulb. AG says it's dada, very duchamp...


it's not all peaches & cream...

Chaos. my house is currently in chaos. due to the intense raining season, the house is resenting all the water that has been heavily pouring. so now all the disguised flaws that had been silently underlying have started to show.

Everything is being taken care of, since the guarantee covers it. but it is not nice being invaded again in your own home by construction workers and painters. yesterday a chunk of wall in our bedroom was chiseled out to make repairs. today work continues in our bedroom, the studio, the guest room, the guest bathroom and the maid's room... so my house is once again filled with dust, paint, and other types of rubbish...

Counting up to 10, with slow deep breaths trying to keep sane...


the newest addition

The newest addition to casa nuncajamas is AG's birthday present. we had been wanting a wine cellar ever since the wedding, we had it in our registry, but we didn't get it. about two months ago, i got a call from my brother.in.law asking what was i thinking for AG's birthday. two months beforehand i hadn't even started thinking about it! he had the genius idea of getting him the wine cellar he (we) so much wanted. so, after a long quest to find the perfect one, the whole family chipped in for the cellar and the 6 bottles of wine it holds.

Best present ever.

It'll look so good in the kitchen alongside my other appliances, they have the same sleek stainless steel look that matches the stove's backing. happy birthday & independence day, honey!