double dare

Today, after much sought help with the "experts" (by "experts" i am referring to several construction workers still roaming the neighborhood which were the ones responsible of making the house's electrical outlets, architects doing our neighbors' lighting, and whoever claimed to know about electric installations), finally a brave one said he would do the task.

What casanuncajamas desperately needed was two chandeliers (which belonged to my parents who bought them when they were newlyweds) hung from its ceiling. the problem was, one of them needed to be hung from a double heightened ceiling. that's why nobody wanted to do it.

What makes our man brave is not just agreeing to do it... it's how he did it. yes, it's him in the picture, and that's the way he did it...

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Gypsy Purple dijo...

Stunning blog!!!

casapinka dijo...

Boy, I hope you paid him well (and I hope you have a good umbrella policy, too!) Great photo - your kids will get a kick out of it when they are older.