paint it black

So, we really want to be a DIY couple. that, and considering our tight budget for house decoration, we decided we would paint by ourselves one of the dining room walls (we had never painted a wall before, but how hard could it be?). so, black walls it would be!

We painted the first wall and once it was finished, we still had another new can of paint, so we went for a second one. the difficult thing about dark colors is that they bring out all the flaws the walls have. but the trick is applying several layers of paint. we did a pretty good job and now the dining room is looking great! it's really beginning to come together in my mind (after some color touch ups on my grandmother's heirlooms...).top to bottom: AG applying the first coat of dutch boy 10A-6 top hat paint, me admiring our work.

3 comentarios:

Arcade dijo...

no no no no !! que barbaro pero si se ve que el LION tiene un porte de pintor de brocha gorda que no se que mas decir ... un saludo .. con ganas la onda vintage !! ..

mohairpink dijo...

Love a black room but you're right about dark colored paint. It's worth it, however.

becoming-home dijo...

You are so much more brave than I and its totally paying off for you!