for sale

The lack of posts have been due to MANY changes. in all this time we've traveled, we've moved, we've renovated another house and now, we are officially selling casanuncajamas.

Casanuncajamas is in a private residential community called "la marina" created in 2006-2007 by grupo alde. if you or anyone you know are interested in casanuncajamas, a two storied 225 sq. meter 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom, double garage, patio and terrace beautiful house, in leon guanajuato, mexico, please do contact me at: anti.bride{at}yahoo.com

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Sun Tzu Versión DJ dijo...

Está super padre y con muy buena vibra!

ojos de mazapan dijo...

hey anti-bride!
yo no soy casado, pero tambien dije eso, jaja. conozco varias parejas

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