heirlooms (the before shots)

I love heirlooms. i love the concept of salvaging stuff that once belonged to someone in your family in a completely different era and in such a different way of living. my heirlooms belonged to my grandparents. their house had been shut off for a very long time and recently, the time came to clean it up because it would be sold. since i live far away, i told my mom which pieces of furniture i remembered from the house, in hopes they could be handed down to me. and i was pretty successful.

I have pieces no flea market could ever carry, vintage stuff in mint condition and with such quality... they just need a few touch ups to just be perfect. and the best of all is, each piece has history to it, which is priceless... i bet grandma would be proud. she always supported my artistic flair.

top to bottom: display cabinet, mirror, love seat (which will be completely renovated), a couple of mid century bureaus, an art deco chair, a day bed (which i like to call retro chaise lounge), and a deer head (don't call PETA on me! it belonged to my grandfather, he used to go hunting and it always stood in his study, so i have memories of that deer since i was a kid, you know it has sentimental value...)

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Anónimo dijo...

this is like "furniture extreme makeover"!!

all those antiques are incredibly cool, there are no words to describe their perfection, so i am forced to make one up. And I’m going to do so right now. Scrumtrelescent! ;)


Sun Tzu Versión DJ dijo...

And the winner is ....

T H E M I R R O R ...

It is greeeeaaaat!